Chefast Piping Bags And Couplers Set – The Ultimate Accessory Kit

chefast frosting bags and couplers


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chefast reusable piping bags and icing bag ties

  • With three reusable piping bags in three sizes, two tri-color couplers to fit different kinds of Russian tulip nozzles, a large standard coupler, a small coupler, and six icing bag ties, you’ll have everything you need to complement your decorating tip set.
  • Our reusable decorating bags for frosting come in three sizes, and each is made of durable and flexible food-grade silicone material. These frosting bags are perfect for cake, cupcake, cookie, biscuit, macaron and pie decoration.
  • This set contains four different plastic couplers with interchangeable rings. The tricolor couplers and large standard coupler will fit most Russian piping tips measuring 1.45-1.47 inches or 1.20-1.24 inches at the base. The small coupler can be used for regular-sized tips measuring 0.7-0.72 inches at the base.
  • Want to make sure your filling doesn’t leak? Our six icing bag ties will help you keep your cake decorating bags secure and avoid any mess. Just wrap the band around your piping bag, loop the arrow through, and you’re ready to go.
  • Your Chefast piping accessory kit is covered by our one-year replacement warranty. If anything goes wrong, a brand-new product is just a few clicks away.

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Product Description


chefast piping bags

Three Reusable Piping Bags For Any Kind Of Decoration

We’ve included three reusable pastry bags in three sizes so you can use the right one for your personal needs. Whether it’s a cake, cupcake, cookies, pie, or biscuit decoration, these pastry bags have you covered. Sizes include: 12 inch, 14 inch and 16 inch.

Four Handy Couplers With Interchangeable Rings

Along with our premium pastry bags, you’ll find four different couplers in this piping kit. These include: one tri-color coupler and one Russian piping coupler to fit most extra large piping tips measuring 1.45-1.47 inches at the base, one tri-color coupler to fit most Russian piping nozzles and sphere balls measuring 1.2-1.24 inches at the base, and one single color coupler to fit standard nozzles measuring 0.7-0.72 inches at the base.

Get More Control With Our Icing Bag Ties

We’ve also included convenient icing bag ties that you can use any time you want to have better control. These bag ties work well with our reusable pastry bags and almost any other kind of decorating bag. Plus, you can use each of them multiple times and they are easily washable.

When It Comes To Cake And Cupcake Decoration, Make Sure You Have All The Right Tools.

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